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Multi-Layered Wood Laser Cut

Illustrator and designer Martin Tomsky creates very beautiful wooden sculptures with multiple layers. His artworks are made with a laser-cut for a best precision. Big boards with little fantastic creatures flying or swimming, to discover in images.

Surreal Photography by Christopher J

Inspired by fantastic novels style, Californian photographer Christopher J made a series of surreal images. By using the double exposure technique he skillfully handles, this artist gives to his photographs a magical and dark atmosphere. 

Pen and Ink Drawings by Philip Frank

Here is a drawing series in pen and ink made by the artist Philip Frank. Entitled “The Body in Conflict with the Scientific Paradigm”, the series subtly denounces the limitless of science exploration and biotechnology development to the detriment of health. Guided by his imagination and the message he is trying to get across, the artist presents surreal, even fantastic works.

Mechanical Sculptures by Hu Shaoming

Graduated from the Arts Academy of Guangzhou, Chinese artist Hu Shaoming creates very beautiful sculptures full of little mechanics and engrenages shaping miniature cities, marin animals or relic-objects crossed over by zips.

Advertising Briefs Turned into Paper Art

In order to answer to a brief in innovative way, a designer team embarked in a creative series of paper-art and expressed their talent by using clients’ physical briefs as their creation material. A meticulous work for an unexpected concept developed by TBWA/Hunt Lascaris Design department. To discover in images.

Intricate Paper Cutouts by Kirie Artist Akira Nagaya

Kirie (切り絵, literally cut paper) is the Japanese art of papercutting. Akira Nagaya is a self-taught artist whose creative roots are, surprisingly, in the culinary world of sushi. Roughly 30 years ago, as a young 20-something, Nagaya was working at a sushi shop. One of his first tasks was to learn sasabaran, a technique to create decorations by cutting slices into bamboo leaves. Back at home, and recalling his boss’s demonstration, Nagaya tried to practice using paper and a utility knife. He found that the technique came quite naturally, and he enjoyed doing it.

You can follow Akira Nagaya on Facebook, where he posts many of his new works.

Charcoal Portrait time lapse video

Korean artist, Jee Young, transforms her tiny studio room, which is only 3.6 x 4.1 x 2.4 meters, into a surreal, vivid dream. Inspired by Korean folk tales and legends, as well as her own memories and experiences, she is seen in each photograph interacting with her art: a true self-portrait in motion captured by the lens. Her physical presence in the portraits accentuates the tangibility of surrealism she is able to attain in each dream-like setting.

Realistic Pencil Portraits Drawings

Malaysian artist Monica Lee has decided to become an illustrator after 12 years of work in the digital art. With a pencil, she draws amazing detailed and realistic illustrations of freckled girls, bearded men and animals.

Animal Sculptures by Tomohiro InabaJapanese artist Tomohiro Inaba consists of beautiful representations of animals based on wires.